Company profile
Fumuyuan Group was founded in 2005, the headquarters of the group is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, with the world-renowned "Dongyang wood carving" decoration as the feature; Carry forward the advantages of rigorous and exquisite "town of 100 works" fine wood craftsman skills, adhering to the "permanent ancient to the United States generation inheritance" business philosophy, its main brand "Fumuyuan" covers Chinese furniture design and production, Chinese decoration engineering fields, business layout nationwide, after 15 years of steady development, Fumuyuan Group has become a large-scale and influential professional enterprise. In order to promote the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and meet the growing needs, the Group has been continuously recognized in the fields of Chinese furniture manufacturing, Chinese decoration industry and cultural industry projects. In 2018, the state approved and granted the qualification right of Fumuyuan Rosewood Museum, and in 2019, the project of Dongguan Fumuyuan Redwood Cultural Industry Center was listed as one of the second batch of major projects by the Dongguan Government.
Dongguan Fumu Edge Mahogany Cultural Industry center includes rosewood Museum, Greater Bay Area Cultural and Creative Research Institute, Mahogany Research Institute, Chinese classical furniture trading center, Chinese Garden Design Institute, cultural theme hotel conference hall, industry association industry alliance, painting and calligraphy research Institute, porcelain, bronze, jade, antique collection center, relying on the museum's own cultural collections and research capabilities, Spread and carry forward the famous wood culture, and provide a high-end platform for collection, auction, appreciation and communication for public players.
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